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Red Cherry

Since the brand’s inception, Red Cherry ® has prided itself in assuring the fans and customers alike that the lashes are handmade with 100% human hair, and that the small handful of synthetic lashes are made with high quality fibers. We are dedicated in keeping these standards a top priority so that we may give our fans the genuine Red Cherry ® lashes they deserve. Our lashes are protected by design registrations and trademarks and are cruelty and latex free, handmade, lightweight and comfortable. With its continued growth of popularity, Red Cherry® is aimed to evoke all styles from classic, retro-chic to the current high fashion glamour rocking the runways. But don’t take our word for it -check out the testimonials on social media platforms. Whether it’s a natural and subtle look to a bold, sultry and refined style, Red Cherry® lashes has it all. Make a fierce impression and get into the #redcherryrevolution.