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  1. Neutre
  2. Noir
  3. Rose
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Vinyl Dresses

Forget keeping it on the DL, determine to master the seasons most daring trend with our range of totally fire vinyl dresses. Show off your boss b*tch attitude in after dark appropriate glossy, high shine PVC fabric in hot AF styles to keep your look on point. Get your shine right in deep and dark blacks, romantic reds, sweetheart pinks to cool khakis. With everything from super slick smooth numbers, cup detailing, cheeky lace ups to bardot babes, there is sure to be a style to feel flawless for you. For the girls who hit the town every weekend, opt for a vinyl LBD, easy to team with anything and the perfect Weekend go-to. Or for the babes who are all about creating a statement, go for a bright red vinyl dress with lace up detailing. Show off your shape and kill the fashion game girl. Unleash your inner fierce and prepare to boaster an Insta worthy look. Caution: These dresses are gonna cause all sorts of woah.


Robe moulante en vinyle vert olive à encolure...

25,20 €

16,80 € (33% DE RÉDUCTION)

Robe moulante en vinyle noir à noeud et...

25,20 €

16,80 € (33% DE RÉDUCTION)

Robe moulante portefeuille en vinyle noir avec...

30,80 €

21,00 € (32% DE RÉDUCTION)

Robe moulante bandeau en vinyle lie de vin avec...

28,00 €

11,20 € (60% DE RÉDUCTION)

Robe bandeau moulante en vinyle noir avec bande...

28,00 €

16,80 € (40% DE RÉDUCTION)

Robe moulante à encolure en cœur en vinyle noire

35,00 €

14,00 € (60% DE RÉDUCTION)